Getting Even

Getting Even: The Truth About Workplace Revenge- and How to Stop It by Thomas M. Tripp and Robert J. Bies

HD 58.7 .T742 2009

“In this groundbreaking book, workplace conflict experts Thomas Tripp and Robert Bies reveal that workplace revenge is not about violence…it’s about justice.  Avenging employees are typically not unprofessional, out-of-control employees.  They are ordinary people who are victims of offenses, fell they don’t have support, and are compelled to seek justice on their own.  Revenge happens when formal systems break down, and when an organization’s mechanisms for preventing or correcting injustices don’t work.  If the formal system doesn’t work, the informal system of revenge will step in to handle the problem.

Getting Even offers an effective blueprint for predicting, managing, and preventing the ill effects of workplace revenge.” — Inside book jacket

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