The Tube Has Spoken: Reality TV and History

The Tube Has Spoken: Reality TV and History edited by Julie Anne Taddeo and Ken Dvorak

PN 1992.8 .R43 T83 2010

“Featuring ordinary individuals plucked from their living room couches, reality television illuminates a unique world  where everyday people produce contemporary history. The draw of reality TV lies in its shock value as the participants interact, scheme, and complete challenges. The Tube Has Spoken: Reality TV and History provides a much-needed critical analysis of the growing phenomenon of reality TV, its evolution as a genre, and its historic roots in American culture. The contributors inspect a wide variety of shows from the 1950s to the present, detailing little-known truths of reality TV by analyzing programs such as Candid Camera, Big Brother, Wife Swap, Kid Nation, Survivor, and The Biggest Loser.

Providing a fascinating glimpse of a world where anyone can become an international celebrity, this groundbreaking volume offers both a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective, exploring how reality TV in the United States, Britain, Canada, and other nations presents cultural and political issues to the public. The Tube Has Spoken analyzes numerous facets of reality TV, such as the breakdown of compliance, the creation of celebrity, the invasion of privacy, and the development of programs intended to educate participants and viewers. The editors also provide a vivid description of how reality TV reflects the tensions between the individual and the community and examines the pressures of living in a consumer-driven society.”–publisher description.


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