Jesus Beyond Christianity

Jesus Beyond Christianity: The Classic Texts edited by Gregory A. Barker & Stephen E. Gregg

BT 304.9 .J46 2010

“For the first time classic readings on Jesus from outside of Christianity have been brought together in one volume.  Jesus Beyond Christianity: The Classic Texts features significant passages on Jesus from Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.  The fifty-six selections span two millennia of thought, including translated extracts from the Talmud and the Qur’an, and writings by Mahatma Gandhi and the 14th Dalai Lama.

Special features inlude:
– Fresh translations of important texts
– ‘Key-Issues’ introductions
– Questions for discussion
– Guides for further reading

Importantly, each set of readings ends with an entirely fresh reflection from a leading scholar in the field.  Every care has been taken to present these often controversial passages in a manner consistent with the aims of their authors; accompanying notes directly address challenging issues.

This unique collection of readings promises to become an essential resource in the study of the world’s religions, providing guidance for anyone seeking to understand the central convergences and debates between religious traditions.” – publisher description


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