Female Sexual Predators: Understanding Them to Protect Our Children and Youths

Female Sexual Predators: Understanding Them to Protect Our Children and Youths by Karen A. Duncan

HV 6557 .D68 2010

“From teachers, mothers, coaches, youth ministers, and others who abuse positions of trust, authorities in the U.S., U.K., and Canada report up to 10% of sex crimes are perpetrated by females. Social worker and therapist Karen A. Duncan helps adults be proactive so children will not fall prey to this violation. Studies and reports on female sexual offenders, vignettes pulled from news headlines, interviews with victims, and interviews with female sexual predators are used to help readers understand these crimes and the women who commit them, as well as the impact these crimes can have on victims.

The women profiled were in positions of authority at churches, schools, sports institutions, and the home. Victims explain how these women exploited their positions of trust, planned their crimes, groomed their victims, deceived adults into not detecting their behavior, even when they recognized the danger to themselves and the harm they were causing their victims. Duncan addresses the issue of maternal sexual abuse answering questions about mothers who willingly sexually abuse their own children and at times commit child sexual abuse with other adults, as well as women who sexually abuse girls. Four types of female sexual offenders are presented within the emerging research on this topic, along with questions regarding assessment, treatment, and management of female sex offenders in the community. It also addresses the controversial issues of female pedophilia and female sexual deviance within the context of what we know about human sexuality. Duncan also explores the behavior of women on college campuses who commit sexual offenses within their dating relationships as a new topic of female sexual offending.”–publisher description.


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