The Twisted Tale of Glam Rock

The Twisted Tale of Glam Rock by Stuart Lenig

ML 3534 .L452 2010

“Though initially derided as “glitter rock,” glam rock has endured for 40 years.  Mixing theatre, pop, media, and identity politics, it fuses style, costumes, theatricality, and technology into a wild, euphoric music that perfectly fits the new millennium – and has much to say about our society over the past 40 years.

The very qualities that made glam unusual and undervalued are now being reintroduced into our culture through video, music, and cyber and computer mediums, while artists such as Lady Gaga have made glam popular once more.  Carefully explaining this misunderstood genre, The Twisted Tale of Glam Rock explores glam’s attraction and the reasons it has endured.

With the help of copious examples, the book covers the style from the pre-glam British invasion of 1964-69 through the classical glam era (1970-1975); the metamorphosis into glam goth, glam metal, and glam new-romanticism (1976-1990); and the style’s reemergence (1990-present).  It provides a theoretical basis for musicians’ attraction to this highly visual and theatrical form of pop music and sets glam in a historical context, following the format through MTV, videos, and vibrant stage and theatre presentations.  Finally, the book explores the hybridization of glam with other styles, illustrating how the genre has progressively reemerged as a premier form of performance pop.” – publisher descrption


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