Pictures at a Revolution

Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood by Mark Harris

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“In 1963, Hollywood’s movie studios were contentedly churning out the westerns, prudish sex comedies, and overblown historical epics that had consistently made those who dominate the industry very, very wealthy.  But the taste of American moviegoers was about to change – suddenly and radically.  Exploring the genesis of five movies at a pivotal moment for the future of American film – Bonnie and Clyde and The Graduate, the popular hits Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and In the Heat of the Night, and the big-budget disaster Doctor DolittlePictures at a Revolution follows their fortunes through the waning days of the studio system and into the first sparks of a cultural upheaval that launched a host of maverick new stars and directors.  By tracing the creative partnerships that produced these films, Mark Harris captures both the twilight of old Hollywood and the dawn of a new golden age in studio filmmaking.  Based on unprecedented access to the people behind the films and a wealth of previously unexplored archival material, Pictures at a Revolution is a revealing and entertaining history of a true cultural watershed.” – publisher description


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