The Oxford History of Mexico

The Oxford History of Mexico edited by William H. Beezley & Michael C. Meyer

F 1226 .O94 2010

The Oxford History of Mexico tells the fascinating story of Mexico as it has evolved from the reign of the Aztecs through the twenty-first century.  Available for the first time in paperback, this magnificent volume covers the nation’s history in a series of essays written by an international team of scholars.  Essays cover not just the turning points in Mexico’s history – including the 1810 War of Independence and 1910 Mexican Revolution – but also provide groundbreaking analysis of ongoing developments, from Mexico’s changing environment to its relationship with the United States.  There is no more authoritative or compelling account of Mexico’s rich past.

  • Includes 20 essays, from “The Spain that Encountered Mexico” to “Mass Media and Popular Culture in the Postrevolutionary Era”
  • Preface and introduction offer a clear, succinct overview of all of Mexican history
  • Glossary, bibliography, and index provide quick explanations and encourage further scholarship”

– publisher description


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