American Wasteland

American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It) by Jonathan Bloom

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“After reading American Wasteland, you will never look at your grocery list, dinner plate, or refrigerator the same way again.

The story of food waste takes you to the lettuce mountains of Salinas, into the buffet line of a chain restaurant, behind the scenes at the local grocery store, and within the average household to reveal how and why almost half of the food produced in the United States goes uneaten.

At  the same time, households are struggling with rising food costs.  Food banks are straining to supply the growing number of hungry Americans, and we’re unsure how we’ll feed the world’s mounting population.  And producing food increasingly impacts the environment.  Yet the remedy for all of these problems may be simpler than imagined.

Traveling from farm to fork, Jonathan Bloom wades into the garbage heap to unearth what our squandered food says about us, why it’s so important – and how you can make a difference starting in your own kitchen.  Interviews with experts such as chef Alice Waters, food psychologist Brian Wansink, and Novel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen, among many others, dig up not only how and why we waste, but, most importantly, what we can do about it.” – publisher description

*You can also check out Bloom’s blog:*


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