Water: Towards a Culture of Responsibility

Water: Towards a Culture of Responsibility by Antoine Frérot

HD 1691 .F74 2011

“Clean, fresh drinking water is essential to human and animal life.  It’s equally important to the world economy: it functions as a universal solvent, makes possible industrial cooling and transportation, and is necessary for all kinds of agriculture.  Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia Environment, takes us on a tour of the world’s waters, of our water.  Lack of clean water kills 2.2 million people every year, and nearly 1 billion people do not have reliable access to clean drinking water.  Using examples that transform theory into close-to-home reality, Frérot issues a serious challenge while showing us how to ensure that all the fast-growing cities of Asia, Africa, and Latin America have enough water.  He considers how climate change will cause water shortages and explains what we can do now to prevent them.  We have the political, economic, and scientific means to ensure the future of water on earth: we need only the will to take action.” – publisher description


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