Sex on Six Legs

Sex on Six Legs: Lessons on Life, Love, and Language from the Insect World
by Marlene Zuk

QL 496 .Z85 2011

“Insects are capable of incredibly complex behavior, despite having brains often the size of a poppy seed. How do they accomplish feats that look like human activity – expressing personality, using language, nurturing their offspring – via completely different pathways from our own? What, if anything, might our own large brains be for if the world’s smallest animals seem equally adept at performing complex tasks?

Sex on Six Legs is a startling and exciting book that provides answers to these questions and many more. Zuk, a writer praised as “thought provoking and sublimely witty” (Boston Globe), uses her decades of research on insects to illuminate the unheralded capabilities of a variety of astoundingly accomplished species. She offers us a glimpse of the parenting techniques of the earwig, a thorough examination of the high-stakes world of ant warfare, and the intriguing possibilities of personality in wasps.

Gracefully written, deeply learned, and wonderfully entertaining, Sex on Six Legs opens a window on the fascinating, weird world populated by the innumerable insects around us.” – publisher description


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