The Sacred Wisdom of the American Indians

The Sacred Wisdom of the American Indians by Larry J. Zimmerman

E 98 .R3 Z567 2011

“With expert knowledge and authoritativeness, Professor Larry J. Zimmerman combines panoramic scope with a wealth of detail in this landmark testimony to the Native American peoples. He shows how, despite their many differences, all American Indians share a profound appreciation of the cycles of nature and a belief in the cosmic interconnectedness of all things. He tells the tragic tale of their conquest and dispossession, followed by their survival against the odds and the renewal of pride in a distinctive cultural heritage. He describes and celebrates their myths, their ceremonies, their tribes, their crafts, and their reverence for the land – inspiring us to turn our thoughts to the natural world and our own place in it.

As well as an Introduction and an invaluable Documentary Reference section, the book has chapters on the following themes: Tribes & Territories; The Life of the Spirit; Symbol, Myth & Cosmos; Ritual & Sacrament; and The Survival of the Sacred.” – publisher description


One thought on “The Sacred Wisdom of the American Indians

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