The Missing Myth: A New Vision of Same-Sex Love

The Missing Myth

The Missing Myth: A New Vision of Same-Sex Love by Gilles Herrada

HQ 76.25 .H464 2013

“In The Missing Myth Gilles Herrada tackles the perplexing questions about the role of homosexuality in the evolution of the human race and its meaning in the development of civilization, such as: What evolutionary edge have same-sex relationships given our species? What biological mechanisms generate the sexual diversity that we observe? What led to homosexual behavior being prohibited worldwide? Why has homophobia persisted throughout history? Why – after millenniums of oppression – did the modern homosexual community emerge in post-World War II America?

Throughout this heartfelt, thought-provoking, and meticulously researched book, Herrada sculpts a coherent and deeply humanistic view of homosexuality that integrates its biological, sociocultural, psychological, and symbolic dimensions.

Emphasizing the critical role of myths in defining the social, ethical, and aesthetic norms of any given culture, the author then deftly offers his vision – the creation of a new mythos, informed by all fields of knowledge, and revealing the purpose, beauty, and goodness of same-sex love.” – publisher description


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