Great Design: The World’s Best Design Explored & Explained

Great Design

Great Design: The World’s Best Design Explored & Explained by Philip Wilkinson

TS 171.6 .W55 2013

Great Design is an extraordinary photographic tour of more than 100 of the world’s greatest designs. From the Red Blue chair to the Ekco Bakelite radio, the Vespa scooter to the Verdana typeface, the book tells the story of this modern art form from its birth during the industrial revolution to its high-profile status today. It explains the unique blend of aesthetics and engineering involved in designing a product that is both completely fit for purpose and unrivaled in appearance.

A magnificent gallery of furniture, graphics, car design, textiles, and more, this book tells the story behind each piece, explaining why it was created, who it was made for, and what made it innovative. Each design is analyzed visually, with annotated details, initial sketches, and prototypes, to help you understand its essential features and how developments in technology and materials made it possible. Key designers, schools, and movements are profiled, and each design is set in its historical context, showing how it went on to inspire what came after it.

Great Design takes you on a personal guided tour of each artifact, highlighting the main features and elements. By deciphering key points of style, it helps you to understand what design is and how it works.”
– publisher description

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