Design: The Definitive Visual History

Design: The Definitive Visual History by DK Publishing

NK 1175 .D476 2015

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

“With these words, pioneer of design William Morris summed up his philosophy. This dedication to creating works that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing – and that were intended to be used by everyone – laid the foundations of modern design.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the utensils of everyday life were mostly handmade, traditional objects with one purpose in mind – doing their job. Beautiful, lavishly crafted artifacts were the preserve of a wealthy minority, and were usually one of a kind. This changed in the 19th century with the modernization of manufacturing techniques and the arrival of mass production. Suddenly there was a new generation of products, matched by an emerging middle class eager to own affordable goods that worked well, improved their quality of life, and most importantly, were pleasing to look at. Modern design was born.

This book traces the evolution of design from its roots to the present day, from early chairs, pottery, and homewares to cars, graphics, computers, and more. It presents key figures, manufacturers, and objects, illustrating how and why different styles emerged and became popular; it also provides an insight into design movements, showing how each one began, and explaining its distinct philosophy and visual style, from the Arts and Crafts movement to postmodernism and beyond.

Featuring expert analysis, stunning photography, and a huge range of objects both everyday and extraordinary, this book explains what makes truly great design and reveals the hidden story behind the objects all around us.”
– publisher description


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