The Art of X-ray Reading

The Art of X-ray Reading: How the Secrets of 25 Great Works of Literature Will Improve Your Writing by Roy Peter Clark

PE 1408 .C53 A78 2016

“What are the secrets to great writing? Was Melville simply born with the skill to write? Did Shirley Jackson write “The Lottery” in one sitting? Actually, she did, but that’s beside the point. The truth is, great writers are great readers, and the secret to learning how to write is as simple as learning how to read very, very closely.

In this practical and engaging guide, Roy Peter Clark, bestselling author of Writing Tools, teaches the fine art of X-ray reading. When we X-ray read, we look beneath the surface of a text to discover the strategies that create the effects we experience – such as suspense, humor, or pain; we can then adopt these strategies as our own. In each of the twenty-five chapters, Clark X-rays a classic or contemporary work and then sums up with a handful of succinct writing lessons. You’ll even get a chance to try your own hand at X-ray reading at the end of the book.

The Art of X-ray Reading is a fun, often hilarious guide teeming with pop culture references and fascinating trivia. Honestly, could a book that mentions Breaking Bad, I Love Lucy, and Sharknado and teaches you how to write like Hemingway be anything but a good time?”
– publisher description


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