Champagne Supernovas

Champagne Supernovas

Champagne Supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and the ’90s Renegades Who Remade Fashion by Maureen Callahan

TT 505 .A1 C35 2014

“At the dawn of the ’90s, three figures were about to change the face of fashion – and culture – forever.

Marc Jacobs was a gorgeous, cool-kid prodigy who had a gift for design and a flair for self-promotion – but his brashness and untamed lifestyle threatened his talent and his entire empire.

Alexander McQueen was a brilliant hellion whose dark obsessions typified the cultural moment and electrified the fashion world – until those same demons became too much for him to handle.

And Kate Moss was an ordinary teenager whose waifish looks came to redefine beauty in the new decade – but who increasingly relied on sex, drugs, and alcohol to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Each had an amazing talent, and each had a dark side that nearly destroyed them. Collectively, they came to represent a moment in fashion and pop culture that upended everything that had come before it – and changed everything that followed. This trio emerged at the exact moment when supermodel glamazons gave way to heroin chic and when hair-metal gave way to grunge. Kate, Marc, and McQueen were three of the central figures who would define the era, but their lasting importance would only become clear in the years that followed. A revolution took place, and no one noticed. Until now.

Just as movies were the driving cultural force in the 1970s, and art was that force in the 1980s, in the 1990s it was fashion that became the prism through which popular culture was refracted. These three iconoclasts, along with others who entered their orbit, collided to create a visionary brew of art, decadence, and genius that would represent not only a sea change in fashion, but also a larger shift in style, commerce, and culture. This was the decade when the alternative became the mainstream – and the mainstream became a multibillion-dollar business.

Through more than one hundred original, in-depth interviews, Maureen Callahan explores this pivotal period through the lives of three people who would become both icons and cautionary tales of the era. Champagne Supernovas is the story of that singular time, as exemplified by the lives of a group of lost souls and wayward geniuses who forever changed the look of the world around us.”
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